About New Age Dental

A novel approach for a New Age of dentistry.

At New Age Dental, we’re driven by a shared belief that customers deserve better – from having reliable access to world-class care to ensuring their comfort throughout their time with us.


A refreshed take on dental care for Canadians.

When you visit any New Age clinic, you’ll see that we prioritize exceptional customer experiences. We’re fundamentally transforming how people feel about the dentist.

New Age Dental’s Values


We operate at the leading edge of world-class care.

The world moves fast, especially in dentistry. New Age operates at the cutting edge of care with world-class practitioners, state-of-the-art technology, and an industry leading suite of services.


We’re changing how people feel about the dentist.

We’re here to make your dental experience something you look forward to, not avoid. Our goal is to serve you in a way that ensures your comfort while optimizing your overall health and wellness.


We’re caring and compassionate professionals.

New Age’s clinics are judgement-free, open spaces where your comfort and well-being are paramount. You’ll feel heard and cared for throughout your time with us – that’s our promise to you.


Collaborative, effective dental care solutions.

New Age’s approach to dentistry is completely personalized and hands-on. That’s why our team work directly with you to help define and get you closer to your dental goals – whatever they may be.


We’re enhancing accessibility to great dental care.

From our expansive in-house service expertise to revolutionary patient financing options, New Age is bringing the highest standard of dental care to more Canadians than ever before.


New Age is your trusted partner in dental health.

Your pursuit of optimized dental health is an exciting journey that we’re proud to be a part of. We’re always here for you along the way, and we make every decision with your best interests in mind.

Dr. Michael Webster, Chief Executive Officer

Meet New Age Dental’s Dr. Michael

Dr. Michael Webster is an experienced, skilled, and dedicated dental practitioner, driven to bring enhanced patient experiences and exceptional care to Canadians coast to coast.


Dr. Webster’s commitments to innovation, excellence, and patient-centricity underpin New Age Dental’s culture, stemming from his experiences as the owner-operator of Kelowna Dental Centre, one of Western Canada’s leading clinics.


Dr. Webster plays a key role at New Age Dental as a professional mentor to New Age’s practitioners, an advocate for our patients, and a strategic advisor in growing New Age’s impact.


The New Age Team

Meet the people at the heart of New Age Dental

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional dental care and customer experiences to Canadians.

The New Age Team

Meet the people at the heart of New Age Dental

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional dental care and customer experiences to Canadians.

David Wilson

Chief Financial Officer

David Wilson is an accomplished, innovative financial services professional who takes pride in doing things differently.


He believes that one’s financial situation should never prevent them from accessing the essential care they need. Throughout his time as the VP of Finance at Kelowna Dental Centre, his groundbreaking customer-focused financing solutions and commitment to quality care measurably changed patients’ lives.


With New Age Dental, David looks forward to expanding accessibility to life-changing dental care to customers across Canada.